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If you're an inspiring artist, you can't compare yourself to the greatest creators in human history, or even the most talented ones in your -current- generation. Chances are, you're not going to be a legendary artist. However, if you set a LOCAL goal for yourself, you can be 'successful'.

Local goals as an artist might include something like... reaching a level of artistic ability that you are happy with, being able to inspire close friends and family with your work, being able to earn enough money from your art to pay for food and rent and never need to seek standard employment, or even just getting to the point where you're comfortable enough with art to use it as a way to wind down from a stressful day.

Many artists try to compare themselves to more talented people as if it was a competition or a race, and get extremely discouraged as a result. It's okay to pull inspiration from others, or even copy elements of their style, but there's really no point in getting depressed because you're not as good as someone else. In the end, if you've achieved a local goal and found happiness in your work, then your art is definitely -not- shit. Just because you're not as good as van gogh or da vinci doesn't mean you have to constantly berate and humble yourself.

The real "secret" is to practice every day with a clear and reasonable goal in mind.

5 stars for animation quality.

dylan responds:

"we crave a different kind of buzz"

- beyoncé, 2013

420 out of 10 this is the best flash I've watched on newgrounds today. Very fresh selection of memes, friend. My only critique is that the skellingtons were way too fucking spooky are you trying to give me a fucking heart attack holy shit dude at least put in some fucking warnings (not that I'd read them anyways TL;DR LMAO). Very good choice in Doritos (I prefer cool ranch but your selection was still fine). What is your club penguin account I'll add you and we'll 1v1 (ill go easy on you don't worry). The music was perfect, what was the name of the songs you used? Please send the song source to my email address (im sure you've got it). Thanks for creating this great animation I will masturbate to it (am I allowed to say that in the reviews? please dont ban me tom). Actually I take that back equestria girls are fucking dumb dude what were you thinking? Please do a flash with ponies only and none of that fucking anthromorphic bullshit. Also please tone down the skellingtons next time dude I'm trying to fap not have fucking nightmares. I can only give you 5 stars but if you link me to your runescape account I'll upboat your character and maybe even invite you to my next drop party. Alright thanks, very good flash. I look forward to more.

MoMoIrO-kun responds:

Thanx m80 4 da review.

Teh musiq was Spooky Scary Skeleton remix by The Living Tombstones, another song is actually Holdin' On (Skrillex and Nero Remix) by I See MONSTAS (it was miscredited in the flash but I wrote that in the description).

About runescape, well, I don't play RS but AoiShinigami here (who also worked on this) haz an account in Oldschool Runescape so you can PM and then 69v420 him if you're interested.

*grabs pen and paper*

Also, HOLY FUCKING SHIT IT'S MOTHER*bleep*ING MITTSIES ImUrNumber1337Fan *throws away anyone in my way to get the not mandatory but awesome-tastic autograph...*

I can't laugh at this, because the video contains nothing but the sad truth.

Jonimator responds:


I feel like you could have picked a better abbreviation than "CP" considering you're on the internet.

aggimajera responds:

Might sound quite dumb, but I've no idea what the alternate meaning of CP is. But it probably led to some confusion, and I will be sure to exclude it from future thumbnails.
Thanks for watching!

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